Nicoya Open Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)


Nicoya’s Open SPR is a high-quality benchtop SPR that provides label-free binding kinetics, affinity, and thermodynamics data for a wide variety of molecular interactions. The Open SPR utilizes nanotechnology-based sensors to deliver repeatable and highly sensitive kinetic data.


Nicoya OpenSPR

The Open SPR features a control and data analysis software, allowing us to remotely connect to and control the instrument. The Open SPR uses microfluidics to accurately measure and analyze interactions. Analyses are obtained with only 150 µL injection volumes with sensitivity as low as picomolar affinities.



The Open SPR is capable of characterizing and screening kinetics and affinity, competition assays, concentration analysis, thermodynamics, and epitope mapping/binning of a wide array of glycomaterials including glycopolymers, glycoconjugates, nanoparticles, glycolipids and polysaccharides as well as antibodies, cells, nucleic acids, proteins, and viruses.

Available Sensors (surface functionalization): 

  • Carboxyl (Any amine group using EDC/NHS coupling)
  • NTA (Histidine tagged targets)
  • Streptavidin (Biotin tagged targets)
  • Biotin (Streptavidin coupled targets)
  • Protein A (IgG based antibodies)
  • Thiol (Thiol or maleimide tagged targets)

Instrument Status: Available

User Access:  The Open SPR is a GlycoMIP-supported resource; freely available to approved users of the GlycoMIP user facility.

For access to this equipment and other GlycoMIP services, please visit the User Portal.