MALDI-2 Mass Spectrometer (timsTOF Pro/fleX)


Bruker’s MALDI-2 mass spectrometer houses a platform that allows for the acquisition of data in both electrospray and MALDI modes. Samples ranging from tissues to purified molecules can be analyzed on the instrument.


The MALDI-2 Mass Spectrometer

Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging, or MALDI-MSI, is used to study distribution of molecules in sections of material, both biological and synthetic. The MALDI-2 has a second laser that boosts the yield of ions at small pixel sizes. The unit also reduces ion suppression effects resulting in more molecular features that could be obtained previously.

The combination of MALDI-2 with ion mobility separation (IMS) capabilities permits a number of applications, ranging from the analysis of small molecules on an array to the analysis of glycans from human tissues.


Ion mobility studies, characterization of purified glycans or glycoproteins, microbial fingerprinting, tissue characterization.

Associated Equipment: HTX Technologies TM-Sprayer (M3) with KNF diaphragm pump for automated and even application of MALDI matrix.

Instrument Status: Available

User Access: The MALDI-2 is a GlycoMIP-supported resource; freely available to approved users of the GlycoMIP user facility.

Collaborating Laboratories: Maintained, in part, with resources provided by the Fralin Life Sciences Institute and the VT Mass Spectrometry Incubator.

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