BioTools ChiralRAMAN-2X Raman Optical Activity (ROA) Spectrometer


BioTools’ ChiralRAMAN-2X ROA spectrometer provides Raman and ROA spectra of liquid and gel materials. The instrument utilizes a 2-watt laser to provide the complete vibrational spectrum (from ~100 to 2000 cm-1), collecting Raman spectra in as little as 150 msec.


BioTools ChiralRAMAN-2X Raman Optical Activity (ROA) Spectrometer

The ChiralRAMAN-2X ROA spectrometer measures the difference in intensity of Raman scattering from chiral molecules in left- and right-circularly polarized light, providing structural information about the chirality of that molecule. Although ROA shares many similarities to vibrational circular dichroism (VCD), there are so many vibrational bands in an ROA spectrum that it is not hindered by the spectral bands resulting from the use of a solvent. As such, ROA is often used to probe a material’s structure and behavior in aqueous solutions.


The ChiralRAMAN-2X ROA spectrometer is used to provide configurational and conformational information on a wide array of molecules including polymers, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, proteins, peptides, viruses, and chiral drugs. Further, the absolute configuration of a molecule can be determined without crystallization, and the enantiomeric excess of a compound can be established without separating the isomers.

Instrument Status: Available

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