AVANCE III 600Mhz NMR w/ Prodigy Triple Resonance TCI probe


Bruker’s Avance III 600 Mhz NMR platform coupled with the Prodigy Cryoprobe offers an enormous sensitivity boost in both routine and bio-NMR applications.


The AVANCE III 600Mhz NMR with Prodigy Triple Resonance TCI probe

CryoProbe Prodigy is a new, revolutionary Bruker CryoProbe product that delivers tremendous boosts in sensitivity. Prodigy probes use nitrogen-cooled RF coils and preamplifiers to deliver a sensitivity enhancement over room temperature (RT). As the Prodigy package comprises, in addition to the probe, just a control unit and a liquid nitrogen vessel, it does not require any additional infrastructure, has long service intervals and keeps operating and maintenance costs at a minimum.

Our CryoProbe Prodigy consists of a triple resonance TCI probe at 600 MHz. Based on the same principles as Helium cooled probes but operated at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, the Prodigy probe delivers a sensitivity enhancement over room temperature (RT) probes of a factor of 2 to 3 both for 1H and X-nuclei. Combined with the automatic tuning accessory (ATMA), and our new Sample Case automated sample changer, the Prodigy has the potential to become the probe of choice for our researchers focused not only on small molecule but also on bio-NMR applications.


Study of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of glycans and glycoproteins and other biological molecules.

Associated Equipment: Bruker 5mm 1H optimized Triple Resonance TCI Prodigy Cryoprobe designed for 1H observation with 13C/15N decoupling and 13C observation with 1H decoupling due to superior sensitivity on 13C. The probe includes cooled preamplifiers for 1H(19F), 13C and 2H.  1H-circuit is tunable to 19F.

Instrument Status: Available April 2021

User Access: The Avance III 600Mhz instrument is available to GlycoMIP users with training by the NMR facility staff.  Fees associated with recovery of cryogens and other overhead will apply.

Collaborating Laboratories: Maintained, in part, with resources provided by the NMR Spectroscopy Facility of the Virginia Tech Department of Chemistry.