Anton Paar MCR-302


Anton Paar’s modular compact rheometer (MCR) 302 can measure the flow behavior and viscoelastic properties of samples ranging from low-viscosity liquids to soft solids (gels). Measurements can be conducted in rotational and oscillatory modes and with different measuring geometries, such as concentric cylinders or cone-and-plate.

Anton Paar MCR-302


The Anton Paar MCR 302 features a high-precision air bearing, EC motor, integrated normal force sensor, and high-resolution optical encoder, allowing rheological measurements over a torque range of 0.5 nN∙m to 230 mN∙m. A high-precision Peltier temperature device enables temperature-controlled measurements between -40 to 200 °C.
The MCR 302 supports a variety of rheological tests, such as rotational, oscillatory, and combinations of the two, to determine the rheological properties of liquids and gels, including their viscosity, shear stress, and shear modulus.


Low viscosity liquids, viscous Newtonian liquids (e.g. syrup), viscoelastic liquids (e.g. creams), Bingham plastic fluid (e.g. pastes), polymer solutions, soft solids/gels.

Measuring Geometries:
– Concentric cylinders
– Cone-and-plate
– Parallel plates

Anton Paar MCR-302

Instrument Status: Available

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