2023 Annual Meeting Posters

Session #1 of 2:  Student/Postdoc Poster Presentations:

  1. Predicting NMR spectra by machine learning, Ryan Badman, Brandeis University (Hong)
  2. Comparative mucomics for the discovery and design of materials, Lauren Pepi, UGA (Azadi)
  3. Investigation of endothermic events upon heating on cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB), Isabela Coutinho, Virginia Tech (Moore)
  4. Quartz crystal microbalance and surface plasmon resonance studies of glycomaterials, Ethan Fink, Virginia Tech (Esker)
  5. Novel synthetic glycosaminoglycans and their potential applications, Peng He, RPI (Dordick)
  6. Optimizing linear sialic acid-containing polymer parameters for enhanced influenza inhibition, Rachel Bianculli, Virginia Tech (Schulz)
  7. Developing a solid-phase method for the enzymatic synthesis of heparan sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, Eduardo Stancanelli, UNC (Liu)
  8. Studying conformations of dextran-conjugated bottlebrush polymers, Soumil Joshi, Virginia Tech (Deshmukh)
  9. Screening potential virus-binding materials from marine alga, Yuefan (Fiona) Song, RPI (Dordick)
  10. Continuous flow biocatalysis with in-line Raman spectroscopy, Gurkeerat Kukal, Virginia Tech (Roman)
  11. GlycoData: A GlycoMIP initiative glycomaterials database, Fangxi (Toby) Wang, Virginia Tech (Deshmukh)
  12. Quantifying the role of N-acetylation in sialic acid recognition, Sawsan Mahmoud UGA (Woods)
  13. Machine learning based glycan structure analysis and synthesis, Jihoon Chung, Virginia Tech (Kong)
  14. A molecular dynamics study of solubility behavior of different glucans in water, Parisa Farzeen (Deshmukh)
Session #2 of 2:  Student/Postdoc Poster Presentations:

  1. Reversible electric field-induced adhesion of charged polysaccharide gels, Caylyn McNaul, Virginia Tech (Caudill)
  2. Characterization of the glycomaterial adhesion properties of fungal mycelium, Christian Heiss, UGA (Azadi)
  3. Investigation of tribological properties of polysaccharides based green lubricants using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations, Lakshmi K. Kunche, Virginia Tech (Deshmukh)
  4. A generalized optimization framework for carbohydrate materials, Charles Plate, Virginia Tech (Deshmukh)
  5. The role of glycosylation in modulating ACE2 – SARS-CoV-2 spike affinity, Paige LaMore, UGA (Woods)
  6. Webtools for the study and development of novel glycomaterials, Daniel Wentworth, UGA (Woods)
  7. Roadmap towards multimodal enrichment strategy for glycoconjugate studies, Xu Yang, UGA (Azadi)
  8. Mass spectrometry data needed to distinguish between “2’-3’/2’-6’ sialic acid linkage for machine learning, Nathan Murray, UGA (Azadi)
  9. Synthesizing a library of hyperbranched glycopolymers via RAFT polymerization for human norovirus inhibition, Jonathan Mase, Virginia Tech (Schulz)
  10. Comparing the rheological properties of dextran and dextran esters, Hu Young Yoon, Virginia Tech (Roman)
  11. Glycan characterization using trapped ion mobility mass spectrometry, David Harris and Rich Helm, Virginia Tech (Helm)
  12. Developing coarse-grained models of linear glucans, Parisa Farzeen, Virginia Tech (Deshmukh)
  13. Synthesizing a library of sialic acid-functionalized polypeptides to investigate polyvalent interactions for influenza inhibition, Zhen Shi, Virginia Tech (Schulz)