Research and Discovery

In-House Research

Major Goals of the In-House Program

  1. Develop new chemical and enzymatic methods and protocols for the automated synthesis of glycopolymers with the guidance of advanced machine-learning techniques
  2. Develop advanced automated modeling protocols that better account for the effects of molecular environment on the conformations and physical properties of glycopolymers.
  3. Implement autonomous and automated computational methods for predicting and assigning the spectra (ROA, VCD, MS) of glycopolymers.
  4. Develop high-throughput methods for accurately predicting and measuring the strengths of carbohydrate-protein interactions.


The GlycoMIP team of researchers encompasses a diverse portfolio of disciplinary expertise, including more than ten science and engineering disciplines. The team conducts leading-edge research that addresses critical barriers to glycomaterials discovery and development.

GlycoMIP uses an accelerated approach to discovery that integrates experiments, theory, and simulation to achieve scientific breakthroughs in glycomaterial synthesis, rational molecular design, measuring and modeling of glycan recognition, and automation of glycan synthesis and structure analysis.

Iterative research loops of GlycoMIP research program


Merging world-leading expertise in chemoenzymatic glycan synthesis, polymer synthesis, and polysaccharide derivatization and comprehensive expertise in glycomaterial characterization, the GlycoMIP research program is poised to yield advanced glycomaterials for a wide range of applications.

Advancing the development of designed glycomaterials through the iterative interplay between synthesis, characterization, and theory.