Summer School 2023 at UGA

Important Information
  • Program Dates: September 11 – 13, 2023
  • Agenda Information – here
  • Instructor Listing – Coming soon!

2023 GlycoMIP Summer School @ UGA will be held on the CCRC campus in Athens, Georgia


GlycoMIP Summer Schools are funded by the National Science Foundation and do not charge a registration fee.  Participants will be responsible for travel, room and board, and incidentals.

Participants will be selected on a competitive basis.  To support GlycoMIP’s goal of growing a diverse community and training the next generation of glycomaterials scientists, a limited number of travel scholarships will be offered to students from smaller (non-R1) universities, including HBCUs and other minority-serving institutes (MSIs).

Who Should Attend:

  • Graduate students and post-doctoral researchers who are new to glycomaterials and seek an overview of the science and techniques, or who may wish to use GlycoMIP facilities to conduct research
  • Advanced undergraduate students with research experience interested in pursuing graduate studies in the fields of glycoscience or glycomaterials
  • Researchers interested in the synthesis, characterization or computational capabilities of GlycoMIP facilities
  • Industry scientists who are new to glycomaterials science and who seek an overview of the field and available technologies

Applicants should have completed a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, biochemistry or a related field, or are close to finishing in the case of undergraduate applicants, as familiarity with basic chemical concepts will be required.  Applicants also must be working or studying in the US.

What you will learn:
GlycoMIP’s Summer School @ UGA will provide lectures on fundamental and applied concepts specific to the research and service areas of the MIP as well as hands-on instrument and techniques modules for the characterization and modeling of glycomaterials:

  • Glycomaterials: Overview of the current state of the science and applications of glycomaterials in research and development
  • Analytical: Overview of mass spectrometry, Biolayer Interferometry and NMR applied to glycomaterials
  • Modeling: Computational methods and capabilities for glycomaterials
  • Research: GlycoMIP scholar lunch-hour presentations and discussion

The outline for the course can be found here.

The application for 2023 GlycoMIP Summer School @ UGA can be found here. Deadline to apply is June 30, 2023

For More Information:
Contact Mark Baine, UGA Platform Coordinator by email at

GlycoMIP is funded by the National Science Foundation through cooperative agreement DMR-1933525.

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