Upcoming GlycoMIP events:

Scientists on Screen, February 27, 2023

Scientists on Screen, May 18, 2023

American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring Meeting, March 26 – 30, 2023, Indianapolis, IN
GlycoMIP is hosting 2 Symposiums and offering numerous presentations.

2023 Summer School @ Virginia Tech – June 12 – 16, 2023

Save the Date! 2023 Summer School @ University of Georgia – September 11-13, 2023

Past GlycoMIP events:

GlycoMIP Scientists on Screen December 2023
HBCU/MSI Preview Follow-up: Needs Assessment
GlycoMIP Scientists on Screen August 2022
GlycoMIP Summer School 2022
GlycoMIP User Facility Virtual Lab Tour
GlycoMIP (Virginia Tech) User Facility Open House
GlycoMIP HBCU and MSI Virtual Preview
Scientists on Screen: A GlycoMIP Journal Article Discussion
GlycoMIP Guest Lecture and Poster Session
Scientists on Screen: A GlycoMIP Journal Article Discussion December 2021
GlycoMIP Summer School 2021
GlycoMIP Town Hall



As GlycoMIP continues to grow, we will offer short courses, seminars, hands-on training and summer schools.

Topics that will be covered include:

Short coursesHands-on training courses
  • Carbohydrate analysis
  • Glycobiology
  • Carbohydrate chemistry and polymers
  • Colloidal and surface chemistry
  • Computational chemistry
  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Materials design by multi-scale modeling
  • Methods and sensors in bioanalytical chemistry
  • Sensing and data analysis in manufacturing
  • Computational quantum chemistry
  • 3D Structure modeling and MD simulation
  • Oligosaccharide sequencing by MS/MS
  • Binding assays by BLI and MST
  • Application of ML to glycan structure analysis
  • Binding assays by SPRi, QCM, and/or ITC
  • Chiroptical spectroscopies
  • Robotic fluid handling and dispensing

If you are interested in these or other topics, would like to be informed when more information is available, or have suggestions, please contact us.