Accelerating Glycomaterials Discovery

GlycoMIP was established as a National Science Foundation Materials Innovation Platform, MIP, on August 1, 2020.  The five-year project is led by Director, Maren Roman (Virginia Tech) and Associate Director, Robert Woods (University of Georgia).  GlycoMIP’s national user facility is located at Virginia Tech’s Fralin Life Sciences Institute and at the University of Georgia’s Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.  GlycoMIP is one of only four MIPs in the United States.

GlycoMIP is a partnership between Virginia Tech, the University of GeorgiaBrandeis UniversityRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and accelerates glycomaterials discovery and development through leading-edge research and state-of-the-art scientific equipment.

GlycoMIP Vision

GlycoMIP is a nationwide collaboratory, where members of the materials research community share tools, samples, data, software, and know-how for the collective advancement of glycomaterials science and technology.

GlycoMIP Mission

Achieve transformative scientific and technological advances in glycomaterials synthesis, characterization, modeling, and their automation

Provide access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and services for glycomaterials synthesis, characterization, and modeling

Educate and train the general public, scientific community, and next generation of glycomaterials researchers to deepen their understanding of glycomaterials and enable them to advance glycomaterials science and technology.

Facilitate the sharing of glycomaterial samples, data, tools, code, and know-how among the materials research community.

Foster the deployment of glycomaterials and technologies resulting from in-house and user research.